Protean Paint is a special product which provides protective and decorative functions for all flat surfaces or even sculpture surfaces. This paint can create amazing visual effect as you can see the colour changing from different angles. It is very suitable for interior and exterior decoration such as commercial areas, shopfronts or club houses etc.


Product Description
  • high covering power and durability; excellent corrosion resistance; excellent adhesion force and easy to dry
Recommended Use
  • interior or exterior wall decoration, coating of relief and metal boards etc.
  • shiny and smooth
  • fine color gradations
  • 0.03 – 0.5 mm
  • Spraying
Maintenance Method


  • wipe dust or dirt with a clean, dry cloth without any chemical solution



  • Offering customizable colours and pattern.
  • Due to differing monitors and their colour mode, the authentic colours and pattern vary from those shown.
  • Please request a sample for accurate colours, and representation of patterns.