Leafing Art is an age-old technique for decorations. The decorative technique can not only create an elegant surface for the product, but also vintage style effect. Other than gold leaves, both silver leaves and copper leaves are commonly used in the recent market.


Product Description


  • pieces of compressed metal foil such as gold, silver or copper
Recommended Use


  • suitable for interior decoration projects and the surface of furniture, crafts or metal materials


  • rough or smooth



  • metal colour normally; depends on different foils and patterns


  • 0.1-0.5 nm


  • affix metal foils with water based glue on the surface pieces by pieces
Maintenance Method


  • wipe dust or dirt with a clean, dry cloth without any chemical solution


  • Offering customizable colours and pattern.
  • Due to differing monitors and their colour mode, the authentic colours and pattern vary from those shown.