What is Resin?

Resin has been used to create artworks by artisans for decades. It is a polyester liquid which forms a hard transparent and translucent substance that can be used to display a wide array of items inside. Of course, colour can be added during productions.

Resin is used to manufacture a wide variety of decorations such as sculptures, hanging artworks or even panels. As resin products look gorgeous under spot lights with its material property, they are easy to be found in luxury hotels, clubhouse or shopping malls etc.



  • easy to bend or even pour into mold during production


  • look glossy and shiny ; durable


  • suitable for creating any shape of artworks
Maintenance Method


  • wipe dust or dirt with a clean, dry cloth without any chemical solution


  • Offering custom-made service.
  • Due to differing monitors and their colour mode, the authentic colours and pattern vary from those shown.